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July 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “”
Testimony: “”

June 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “”
Testimony: “”

May 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “We Don’t Serve a God of Fear.”
Testimony: “God is a God of Miracles.”

Apr 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ”
Testimony: “Jesus Heals Drug Addiction”

Mar 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “HE IS RISEN !!!…the testimony…”
Testimony: “In a coma I saw Satan and I saw Jesus and I had to choose”

Feb 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “God’s Word is DOABLE & KNOWABLE”
Testimony: “Katherine overcame Bullying & horrible critical words.”

Jan 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “4 Things to Expect in 2017”
Testimony: “Dealing Drugs in the Chapel.”

Dec 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Son of God …is God”
Testimony: “Suicide is NOT the Answer.”

Nov 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Praise Evicts the Forces of Darkness.”
Testimony: “God’s Miracle Kept Me From a Long Term Prison Service”



pdf God’s Arsenal Prayer for Protection – Mel Novak Warfare Prayers

pdf After Ministry Prayer – Mel Novak Warfare Prayers

pdf The History of the Jewish Passover
How this relates to Easter Sunday (Resurrection Day ) Good Friday & Palm Sunday

pdf The Bible in a Booklet – By Gloria Muscarella

pdf Perlindungan Senjata Tuhan – God’s Arsenal Prayer for Protection in Bahasa Indonesian




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