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May/June 2022 Newsletter

Mar/Apr 2022 Newsletter

Jan/Feb 2022 Newsletter


Nov/Dec 2021 Newsletter

Sept/Oct Newsletter
Update: “We Have a Destiny.”
Testimony: “Can God Trust You?”

Jul/Aug 2021 Newsletter
Update: “Jesus Christ Offers Living Waters.”
Testimony: “Satan is a Liar.”

May/June 2021 Newsletter
Update: “Broken people are trained to reject joy.”
Testimony: “God builds on ruins.”

Mar/Apr 2021 Newsletter
Update: “We Cannot Be Defeated Because of Jesus Christ! ”   
Testimony: “Nothing is Impossible or Too Hard With God.” 

Jan/Feb 2021 Newsletter
Update: “Don’t give up…Keep praying. (Luke 18:1)”   
Testimony: ” Forgiveness is the key to Healing…” 


Nov-Dec 2020 Newsletter
Update: ” JESUS is the Son of God…& is God (2nd Person of the Trinity) ”   
Testimony: “God builds on ruins.” 

Sept-Oct 2020 Newsletter
Update: “Jesus…all sufficient!!! ”   
Testimony: “satan is king of the Occult..” 

Jul-Aug 2020 Newsletter
Update: “Prayer Invades the Impossible! ”   
Testimony: “Nothing is impossible with God !!! Luke 1:37” 

May-June 2020 Newsletter

March-April 2020 Newsletter

Jan-Feb 2020 Newsletter


Nov/Dec 2019
Update: “Many are The Afflictions Of The Righteous, But The Lord Deliver Us Out Of Them All. (Psalm.34:7) ”   
Testimony: “Suicide Is Not The Answer; Only JESUS . ” 

Oct 2019
Update: “Thank & Praise God DAILY.”   
Testimony: “I cried for God to take the pain…HE DID !!!” 

Sept 2019
Update: “The Battle to Win Our Mind: 2 Cor. 10:5.”   
Testimony: “God Healed My Brokenness.” 

Aug 2019
Update: “The devil is behind the pain of REJECTION.”   
Testimony: “The Prodigal Son.” 

July 2019
Update: “Be aware of FAITH barriers.”   
Testimony: “Healed of Aids.” 

June 2019:
Update: “Faith without works is DEAD.”
Testimony: “Ricky is in Prison; BUT he is free…”

May 2019
Update: “The Lord speaks HIS truth to us in our time of need”
Testimony: “Ron asked God, if you are real, show me. He was arrested the next day.”

April 2019
Update: “God always completes His plan.”  (Jeremiah 29:11-13) 
Testimony: “The Name of Jesus is above cancer.”  (Philippians 2:9)

Mar 2019:
Update: “JESUS is Risen….Indeed He is Risen.”
Testimony: “God is a God of miracles.”

Feb 2019:
Update: “God Desires Humility From Us.”
Testimony: “The Lord Saved Me From Dying.”

Jan 2019:
Update: “Trust God, His Word & Promises….”
Testimony: “God is a God of Miracles….”


Dec 2018:
Update: “JESUS is the Ultimate Gift…”
Testimony: “Victim of Evil Trafficking…”

Nov 2018:
Update: “Study God’s Word!!!”
Testimony of Wadud: “From A Muslim To Jesus Christ”

Oct 2018:
Update: “We need to spend time ALONE with GOD..”
Testimony of Fran: “GOD is able; HE is my strength.”

Sept 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “We need to show others the LOVE of JESUS…”
Testimony of Susan: “God is a God of miracles…(Still have a service at Juvie on Sunday)”

Aug 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “FAITH in CHRIST gives us hope. (Romans 15:13)”
Testimony of Bob: “God heals the brokenhearted. (Psalm 147:3)”

July 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “God Is In Control Of Your Life.”
Testimony of Ruben: “Bad Choices Put Me In Prison”

June 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “God Has a Purpose For Your Adversity.”
Testimony of Terry: “28 Years on Death Row Did Not Steal My Joy.”

May 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “6 Ways to Honor God….”
Testimony of T.W.: “Rejection, Abandonment, & Betrayal bring Emotional Pain”

April 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “God is STILL on His Throne”
Testimony: “Total Deliverance by & From JESUS”

March 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “HE is RISEN !!! ”
Testimony: “Adversity led me to JESUS…”

Feb 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “God Wants Our Time ”
Testimony: “God Builds On Ruins…”

Jan 2018 Newsletter:
Update: “The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us.. ”
Testimony: “God Made Me A New Creation…”


Dec 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “True Meaning of CHRISTmas is Saving…Not Giving… ”
Testimony: “God’s New Creation…”

Nov 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “Thanksgiving Is About Praising God. ”
Testimony: “Nothing Is Too Hard For God.” (Jeremiah 32:17 & 27)”

Oct 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “Battle For Souls is Raging”
Testimony: “The Name of Jesus is Above Depression.”

May 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “We Don’t Serve a God of Fear.”
Testimony: “God is a God of Miracles.”

Apr 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ”
Testimony: “Jesus Heals Drug Addiction”

Mar 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “HE IS RISEN !!!…the testimony…”
Testimony: “In a coma I saw Satan and I saw Jesus and I had to choose”

Feb 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “God’s Word is DOABLE & KNOWABLE”
Testimony: “Katherine overcame Bullying & horrible critical words.”

Jan 2017 Newsletter:
Update: “4 Things to Expect in 2017”
Testimony: “Dealing Drugs in the Chapel.”


Dec 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Son of God …is God”
Testimony: “Suicide is NOT the Answer.”

Nov 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Praise Evicts the Forces of Darkness.”
Testimony: “God’s Miracle Kept Me From a Long Term Prison Service”

Oct 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “God Hears Our Cries.”
Testimony: “Precious Is A Completed Jew To God.”

Sep 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Have You Experienced God’s Presence?”
Testimony: “God’s Arsenal Prayer is POWERFUL”

Aug 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Intimacy With God is Crucial.”
Testimony: “Only God Can Deliver You From a Horrific Past.”

July 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “God desires HUMILITY.”
Testimony: “The Arsenal Prayer is powerful”

June 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “We Live in a Fallen World With Its SUFFERING.”
Testimony: “I would Have Killed Him if JESUS Did Not Change My Heart.”

May 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “It is important to separate our desires from the WILL of God.”
Testimony: “God builds on ruins.”

Apr 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “God brings health & healing.”
Testimony: “Arsenal prayer WORKS.”

Mar 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “The Lord Reigns.”
Testimony: “Faith Moves Mountains.”

Feb 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Choices & Decisions.”
Testimony: “Jesus set me free from Hell.”

Jan 2016 Newsletter:
Update: “Our God is a God of Hope.”
Testimony: “God’s Miracle Healings.”


Dec 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “Your Full Potential for 2016.”
Testimony: “From Darkness to LIGHT…”

Nov 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “There is more about PRAISE in the Bible than PRAYER.”
Testimony: “My life was a MESS; God made it my MESSAGE”

Oct 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “Proclaim Your COMPLETE Dependence on the Lord.”
Testimony: “God is Doing a New Thing in my Life.”

Sept 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “God’s Grace is renewed to us DAILY”
Testimony: “God made Rich a Man of God.”

Aug 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “Go To God & Pour Out Your Soul In His Holy Presence”
Testimony: “Christ had to sit on the throne of my life…& self dethroned.”

July 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “Jesus is the VINE; we are the branch”
Testimony: “Joyce became a NEW creation, NOT recycled.”

June 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “God hears our prayers…” 1 Sam. 15:22
Testimony: “God is a God of Healing”

May 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “God blesses OBEDIENCE…”
Testimony: “We all have a calling”

Apr 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “HE IS RISEN!!!”
Testimony: “Delivered from the Occult”

March 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “HE IS RISEN!!!”
Testimony: “Jesus delivered me from destruction…”

February 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “Spiritual Growth Can Be Painful!”
Testimony: Winning Souls In Prison..”

January 2015 Newsletter:
Update: “Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (Isa. 61:1-3)”
Testimony: Angels are mentioned over 300 times in the Bible”


December 2014 Newsletter:
Update: “Because of Jesus, you are significant!”
Testimony: God made Pastor Henry a new man.”

November 2014 Newsletter:
Update: “God is still on the throne”
Testimony of Mingjie: “The Constant within the change”

October 2014 Newsletter:
Update: “Praise Evicts the Forces of Darkness”
Testimony: “A Father’s Amends”

September 2014 Newsletter:
Update: “Understanding God”
Testimony: “Never Give Up On Anybody.”

August 2014 Newsletter:
Update: “Life’s Surprises”
Testimony: “Jesus found me in Prison.”

July 2014 Newsletter:
Update: “We need to demonstrate the REALITY of JESUS CHRIST”
Testimony: “My desperate cry for help led me to a Chapel service.”